Australian Wildlife Rescue offers online viewing of Australian native animals that are in care. The infrared technology, enabling you to view the animals while in care without disturbing them. As they are nocturnal (meaning that they are awake and active during the night) you can follow the animals as they go about their business in rehabilitation cages via infrared cameras.

The two Brushtail possums, Sweet Pea and Danny, who lived with us for the past months have now been released and two Ringtail possums, Paul and Kelly, have moved in. They both weigh around 340 gr (at end of March) and have grown rapidly since they came into care in early February, weighing only 60 and 80 grams respectively. They are currently being phased off the milk they love, and increasingly eat native leaves, flowers and the odd piece of fruit instead. They are likely to be with us for another month before release. You can see them wake up and eat around 7-8pm Sydney time (GMT + 10).


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As we are in the early stages of setting up this project, we are seeking your feedback on this concept via multiple choice questions.

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